The Nail Lounge services menu goes above and beyond manicures, pedicures, and nail art, offering a waxing lounge as well. From the tips of your lashes to the tips of your nails, services all take place under one roof.



Brow Wax | $11


Achieve perfectly sculpted and groomed brows with this professional eyebrow treatment. Plucked and pruned to perfection, maintenance is recommended every two weeks.


Brow Tint | $16


This tinting option will get your eyebrows to their optimal color to best suit your hair color and skin tone. This is one service that you shouldn’t raise an eyebrow at – it’s effective and stunning.


Lips | $7 [upper] $5 [lower]


Nose | $6 [outer] $6 [inner]


Forehead | $9


Sideburns | $9


Chin | $8+


Neck | $10+


Fingers | $8


Toes | $10



Lash Lift | $80  + $15 [tint]


A semi-permanent lash lift helps perk up your lashes. Lasting 6-8 weeks, this treatment is completely safe and gentle. The perfect pick-me up for lazy lashes.


Lash Tint | $20


Put the mascara down and opt for this semi-permanent lash tint. This fume-free application leaves you without the running mascara and with beautifully darker lashes.