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The Nail Lounge services menu goes above and beyond manicures, pedicures, and nail art, offering a waxing lounge as well. From the tips of your lashes to the tips of your nails, services all take place under one roof.

nail enhancements

Acrylic | $35 [Full Set] $30 [Fills]


Powder nail enhancements to extend the length of your nails.


Dip Powder | $50 [Full Set w/Extension]


A strong, natural looking, long-lasting odorless dip powder color system. 

Pink + White | $55[Full Set] $45 [Pink + White Fills] $30 [Pink Fills]


Pink and white powder for a permanent French design. Stays shiny and does not yellow.


Pink + White Ombre | $60 [Full Set


Blending of pink and white powder. The pink powder fades into white without having the blunt lines of a French manicure. Stays shiny and does not yellow.

feet enhancements

Full Set


Full Set with Gel Polish

Two Big Toes

Big Toe Fill


Nail Replacement

Specialty Shapes

(Coffin, Stiletto)

Removal with service

Removal without service

Nail art

Gel Polish

Gel Matte Top Coat

French Polish
















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